Behind The Words

How do I know what it is to connect with the most meaningful aspects of ourselves and bring them to life through authentic communication?

As a young girl, I was taught to be polite and follow the rules, which kept me very shy. I became an excellent listener, finding fascination with people, experiences, life. There was beauty and magic in everything, and I could clearly see synchronicities and connections. Through my later school years and university, I was given local and national platforms to begin sharing my voice. When I did, it was with conscious intent, as I attempted to put into words the potential I knew was alive within all of us.

Upon graduating at the top of my business class, I was swept into the rush of America’s financial district and given the opportunity to share my voice by writing national newsletters, content for marketing collateral and scripts for national broadcasts. I trained financial advisors who were twice my age, and worked with CEOs, renown strategists and federal-level politicians seamlessly, because to me, they were just people. They may have been older and wiser, though we had the same aspirations: to make a contribution and to share our unique voice. In the midst of abundant opportunity, I felt a sense of unrest with the restrictive nature of the corporate marketing communication. It didn't allow for the infusion of personal truths or boundless creativity. It didn't feel freeing.

When life-threatening illness struck at twenty-six, removing me from the career and life that I knew, it was clearly the universe redirecting my path. In the throws of debilitation, I did what I had always known how to do: witness, question, appreciate, communicate…and ultimately, heal. In the process, my voice became the most fearlessly authentic it had ever been, and the experiences of my life had a depth of meaning like never before. The greatest way to honor this universal redirection was to begin empowering others to find their voice. Upon writing the lessons from my healing journey (Unshakable to the Core) and sharing the stories of others, my vocation as a ghostwriter and “Voice Finder” unfolded effortlessly, finding me in the process of my healing. The sense of liberation from sharing my deepest truths and personal insights, while supporting others in voicing theirs, became a passion and purpose so powerful that it had saved my life, twice. The only response was to dedicate myself to teaching it.

I believe that we all have uniquely important perspectives to contribute, and the ability to transform our experiences into valuable insights for others. Today, I am blessed to support and collaborate with some of the world’s great spiritual and psychological teachers, thought-leaders, visionaries, CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities…and hopefully you!

Let’s bring your voice fully to life!

Joscelyn Duffy

Reiki Master Teacher

Bachelor of Commerce, Summa Cum Laude

(Marketing/Management Majors, French Minor)


Professional Bio

Born out of a life trajectory that necessitated the ability to witness, question, appreciate and communicate on a personal and global level, Joscelyn Duffy dedicates herself to helping others transform their life's experiences into valuable insights for humanity. She believes that we each have uniquely important perspectives to contribute, and that the present moment is our platform to share that which we are intended to share in this lifetime.

Her career began when she was acquired into an elite cross-training program with a Fortune 500 financial firm, after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management. As a Product Specialist, she trained hundreds of financial advisors; launched syndicate issues; wrote national newsletters; and scripted broadcasts for strategists, presidents and federal politicians. In the years that followed, she went on to create unique marketing concepts that were adopted nationally by a second Fortune 500 financial institution.

In the thick of a career bursting with opportunity, Joscelyn’s industry contributions were brought to a halt, her body crippled by the effects of a life-threatening case of lupus. Journeying through deep introspection, a thorough study of healing principles and conscious communication, she emerged, shocking doctors with her complete recovery. Her healing ignited the need to serve in a bigger way and the creation of a purpose-driven business, where helps others tune into the most meaningful aspects of themselves and bring them to life through authentic communication.

Touted as “The Voice Finder,” she has the innate ability to intuitively tune into the voice, personal truths and unique journey of others. As an International Ghostwriter, Author and Creative Consultant, Joscelyn has been creating impactful communication for entrepreneurs, CEOs and Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. She has brought to life 14 books and over 50 short stories; worked with hundreds on their personal messaging; and collaborated with internationally-acclaimed speakers, thought-leaders and celebrities in 4 countries...And now, she is ready to help you bring your voice to life!

"Joscelyn is a tremendous word weaver and creative spirit - a gifted artist with a heart full of love and wisdom to help you unleash the best version of you!" - Dr. Dena Churchill, Author, Speaker, Coach

“You might be the most interesting woman I’ve ever met. I’m inspired by the passion and love you have for what you do. I wish there were more people like you out there.” – Jenny Sommerfeld, COO, Business Ghost Inc.