About Me

How do I know what it is to connect with the most meaningful aspects of oneself and bring them to life through authentic wording?

As a young girl, I was taught to be polite and follow the rules, which kept me very shy. I became an excellent listener, finding fascination with people, experiences, life. There was beauty and magic in everything, and I could clearly see synchronicities and connections. Optimism, gratitude, and the ability to identify the potential in all things, all people, were ingrained within me.

Through my later school years and university, I was given local and national platforms to speak up. When I shared, it was with conscious intent and purpose. Upon completing my business degree, I was swept off into America’s financial district and given the opportunity of sharing my voice through the writing of national newsletter, content for marketing collateral and scripts for national broadcasts. I worked with CEOs, renown strategists and federal-level politicians seamlessly, because to me, they were just people. They may have been older and wiser, though we had the same aspirations: to make a contribution, and to share our unique voice, knowledge and wisdom.

When life-threatening illness struct at twenty-six, removing me from the career and life that I knew, I did what I had always done: witnessed, questioned, appreciated…and ultimately, healed. On the flip-side of debilitation, my voice became the most fearlessly authentic it had ever been, my relationships were deeper and I was spurred forth on a course of personal contribution. Introspection and writing saved my life, igniting the creation of a business where I am passionately immersed in the purpose of helping others reveal and put into words the best, most authentic parts of themselves and their experiential wisdom. I believe that we all have uniquely important perspectives to contribute in this lifetime and I’d love to share in this journey with you.

Joscelyn Duffy

Reiki Master Teacher

Bachelor of Commerce, Summa Cum Laude

(Marketing/Management Majors, French Minor)


"My sense is that what makes your writing and creative process so contagious is it is birthed from your own curiosity to know more in your discoveries with others, for the delight of the expansion of it all! Such a potent way to live!!" - Nancy Hanlon, Midwife to the Emerging Soul

"It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to work with Joscelyn. She has an unbridled energy that is conveyed in everything she does and I feel that she is wise beyond her years. Most importantly, her writing touches a chord and pulls at one's heart strings, no gentle tug with Joscelyn! She displays empathy coupled with originality and this makes one feel very comfortable, so much so that one doesn't stop talking when she asks a question. Tremendous success is just around the corner!" - Katherine Scott