Creating rousing written works about the truths of human potential has been the purpose carved through my life, and every day is an opportunity to showcase the power words hold to positively transform our lives.

Unshakable to the Core

Where do you turn and how do you react when everything you knew in life was seemingly swept away from you in the blink of an eye, and you come face to face with a debilitating and life-threatening illness? How do you rediscover calm within the chaos, and live joyfully in the moment? For Joscelyn Duffy, the answer was to turn within and embrace every facet of the biggest challenge of her life. What unfolds is a portrayal of the limitless potential that emerges when we trust in our Unshakable inner strength and wisdom. It is a force that burns endlessly within each of us, guiding us to full healing. This book will inspire you with principles and personal anecdotes to unleash it.


Gift of the Hit: Collected Stories, Volume 1

What if, within every tragedy, adversity or setback in our lives, there is a blessing to unwrap? How would our lives then change? The stories in the Gift of the Hit series showcase the strength of the human spirit through the accounts of amazing individuals ~ ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary events and who have chosen to find the gift within their hit. For more information on reading the book or becoming a part of the next series, visit


All One Era

In collaboration with ghostwriter and creative consultant Joscelyn Duffy, visionary Stephen Cipes depicts his most profound spiritual experiences and a lifetime of awareness of how we can save our planet from utter destruction by connecting with our full dimensions, as one with all there is. This is a vision for humanity to lift the illusion of separation; a specific blueprint for planet-wide ascension, welcoming the return to our Holy Oneness. The All One Era centers around nature-based gatherings, conducive to catapulting our feminine receiving and ascension. During a time of great global and personal crisis, we can discover growth, abundance and unwavering love for all of humanity.


"In Unshakable To The Core Joscelyn is open and vulnerable with one of the journeys that has changed her and supported her the most in appreciating herself and all of life down to the core. In this story she carries us with her from being close to the fear of death to the expression of laughter and joy. Her story is miraculous, even as she acknowledges the effort, work, choices, laughter. patience and time healing requires." - Kate Michels, CEO Core Alignment Coaching

It Happened on Purpose

Paul’s ADD fueled a 'rush in and ask questions later' attitude that took years to understand and harness. Two business failures, a firing from a public executive position, and two marriages later, Paul still carries an optimism about life that is infectious. In It Happened On Purpose, Paul imparts powerful principles that apply to both life and business -- lessons he learned through challenges and opportunities alike. This book is an extraordinary story of resilience and passion for life, written in a conversational and relatable tone.


The Good News Report

In a world where we are ceaselessly bombarded by news of a terrifying and helpless nature, it's the chronicles of good news that provide hope and reinvigorate the heart and soul. The Good News Report is a fictional tale about a reporter named Sam, who shifts direction from a career conveying stories that drain the spirit to a year-long journey of learning from 26 incredible people who are living their lives with true purpose and passion. Sam’s mission to impart good news quickly becomes the ultimate showcase of the goodness and potential of humanity. Each good news story is based on real-life interviews author Joscelyn Duffy shared with those who have graced her path.


"We all experience setbacks in life. (Unshakable to the Core) is a gripping tale in itself, and an eloquent set of practical tools for building on whatever life throws at us." - David Holt, Editor in Chief, Optimyz Health and Fitness Magazine