The Content Breakthrough

Every great masterpiece begins with a solid framework. Breakthrough Days are accelerated live, virtual, one-on-one programs that offer clarity of self, confidence in your purposeful offering, and a strategic outline for your book or personal/business messaging. Having ghostwritten 14 books (and consulted on dozens of others), detailed hundreds of inspiring life stories, and worked in content creation for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies for 20 years, I’ve encapsulated the most powerful principles, practices and processes from my experience into these programs. Save yourself months worth of uncertainty and join me to capture your key messaging, catapult your book or web copy, and so much a single day!


Are there countless files on your computer, ideas running through your mind and scattered journal pages lying all around…and you have no idea how to begin pulling them together into creatively structured messaging for your book or content platform? Content development isn’t easy, especially when attempting a solo-journey of framing and phrasing our personal messages. Having an experienced wordsmith can help ease the process.

Whether you are shaping your voice for a new business, rebranding a messaging platform, launching an impactful campaign, writing a thought-provoking book, or detailing your ultimate message for humanity, The Content Breakthrough allows you to clarify, strategically organize and creatively structure quality content. This live, virtual, one-on-one program provides you with a powerful framework for your life’s work, thereby accelerating the content development process.

More than “book coaching” or “writing coaching,” this is message co-creation. As we collaborate, our work is founded upon:

- Intuitively listening to who you are and the messages you are destined to share.

- Gaining a deep understand of you, your audience and your unique offering.

- Mirroring the most powerful and unique aspects of your message back to you.

- Crafting a strategic delivery style that allows you to be both unique and relatable, conversational and captivating.


We begin with a free 30-minute discovery call to outline your clarity and content needs. After delivering your existing notes, along with responses to the “Intake & Insight” questionnaire, I create a draft outline for your message (whether the sections/chapters of a book, framework of a speech, or principles of your overall message). The outline then become the center-point of our 4-Hour Breakthough Day, where we discuss key principles tied to your messaging AND co-create the ideal synopsis, structure and strategic outline for your life’s work. Follow-up includes email communication and live virtual discussion, with option for Ghostwriting or Creative Consulting support.

The Content Breakthrough will empower you by catapulting your dream to shape your personal brand, write a book, or develop your business content. Whether you’re sharing a profound awakening or identifying a revolutionary step-by-step process, these sessions will gift you the content, structure and confidence you need to contribute your message.

Results include:

- Powerful hook and synopsis for use in marketing/promotion.

- Clearly defined key message and subsets.

- Strategically-outlined concepts presented in a logical order.

- Creation of unique concept titles.

- A personalized framework to easily input concepts, tools, wisdom and stories.

- Summary of each concept/chapter, showcasing their relation to the key message.

- Organization of your notes into their respective concepts/chapters (up to 15,000 words).

- Insight into how to open creative flow and ease the writing process.

- Option to draft a chapter/concept as a model for further writing.

- Option for additional Creative Consulting or Ghostwriting.

Need to know:

- Your time commitment is only 4 hours (+ any time required to compile your notes electronically)

- The total investment is less than 15% of the cost to have your book fully ghostwritten!

- You save yourself months of uncertainty, stress and over-thinking.

If you are an adept writing who needs the strategy, creativity and structure to help transform countless files of notes into your life’s work, this program is for you!


"Having had the privilege twice now to interview Joscelyn, I find she brings the balance between conscious storytelling and the art of writing and verbal expression. We all have a story to tell, but doing it in a way that others want to hear is the key, and she has not only found the key but the lock as well." - Sara Troy, Founder and Host, Self-Discovery Radio

“When writing about ourselves we can sometimes get so overwhelmed with fear that we shut down. I was working on the bio portion of my website and had decided to seek outside help. The first person that I hired did not fully understand me or the message I was trying to convey and my story somehow got lost in the translation. For well over three months I was at an absolute standstill, unsure of how to proceed and afraid of being misunderstood again. I set up an appointment with Joscelyn and within a few hours, I had the most beautifully written bio in my hands. As soon as I read it, I knew I was done. With her magical abilities, Joscelyn took the fear, stress and worry out of the equation. She is beyond talented and I am going to use her for any writing project I have in the future and will recommend her to anyone who asks. Extremely grateful.” - Renee M, Entrepreneur

“I highly recommend Joscelyn to anyone who is serious about creating and writing content they want to be proud of. She will be your ghostwriter, writing coach, creative collaborator or whichever support you need for your next writing project." - Linda Edgecombe, Award-winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Author, and member of the Top 60 Motivational Speakers in The World