Breakthrough Days

Every great masterpiece begins with a solid framework. Breakthrough Days are accelerated live, virtual, one-on-one programs that offer clarity of self, confidence in your purposeful offering, and a strategic outline for your book or personal/business messaging. Having ghostwritten 14 books, detailed hundreds of inspiring life stories, and worked in content creation for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies for 20 years, I’ve encapsulated the most powerful principles, practices and processes from my experience into these programs. Save yourself months worth of uncertainty and join me to capture your key messaging, catapult your book, and so much a single day!


“My time spent working with Joscelyn is an inspiring experience and a life-long gift. I happily recommend her as an asset to your business.” – Louise Levesque-Burley, Founder, Shared Vision

Breakthrough Day 1:

Clarity, Vision & Direction

Do you have a book or message wanting to emerge from within you, yet you've struggled with bringing it fully to life?

The Clarity, Vision & Direction Breakthrough Day is an accelerated one-on-one program that delivers clarity of your specific message and the value therein. Together, we will create a powerful detailed summary of your offering and distinguish you as the most qualified person to deliver on your tools, principles or pearls of wisdom. Capture key messaging for your business platform and/or catapult your book in 1 day!

At the end of this session, you will have true confidence in your message, a vision of how you will market your work to resolve your audience’s need or challenge, and direction to begin writing the messages tied to your life’s work.


- Gain clarity of your ultimate message, supporting messages and unique value.

- Define your audience’s needs and how you’ll deliver a resolution.

- Create a captivating “hook” that provokes interest in your offering/book.

- Detail an enticing synopsis to guide you through the writing process.

- Walk away with key wording to translate directly into powerful promotional scripts and marketing in any media.


Breakthrough Day 2:

Organization, Creativity & Structure

Are there countless files on your computer, ideas running through your mind and scattered journal pages lying all around…and you have no idea how to begin to pull them together into creatively structured messaging for your book/business platform?

The Organization, Creativity & Structure Breakthrough Day is an accelerated live, virtual, one-on-one program that delivers detailed clarity of your message structure/book outline in 1 day! Together, we will organize your tools, principles or messages through the development of creatively structured sections, a fluid order and a powerful summary of each concept/chapter. Formulate your messaging platform and/or set the foundation for your book in 1 day!

At the end of this session, you will have a flexible personalized framework for writing your book or delivering your messages in a conversational and captivating manner, and be able to compile your life’s work with greater ease.


- Gain clarity of the underlying themes that support your overall message.

- Create a fluid outline, including captivating concept/chapter titles.

- Establish the framework to easily input concepts, tools, wisdom and storyline.

- Develop a consistent, personalized structure for each subset of your message.-

- Program can be tailored for messaging in any platform (book or other).


"Joscelyn is a tremendous word weaver and creative spirit - a gifted artist with a heart full of love and wisdom to help you unleash the best version of you!" - Dr. Dena Churchill, Author, Speaker, Coach

"Joscelyn really heard us and 'got' us, and as a result, we've moved forward with confidence in what we have to offer, and a language for us to speak to clients about our services. We can't thank her enough for 'seeing' us!!" - Julie MacPherson and Annie Hoekstra, Intuitive Infusions