Intuitive Ghostwriting | Copywriting | Creative Consulting

For many, sharing our captivating story, expressing our insightful message or bringing our business content fully to life hinges upon the discovery of resources to ease the process. As a Creative Consultant, Ghostwriter and Copywriter, I provide the clarity, creativity, structure and strategy to assist you through the writing every facet from laying the framework for your messaging, to ghostwriting via in-depth interviews and co-creating powerful copy.

Blending business practicality, marketing savviness, a compassionate consumer-focus and intuitively-inspired creativity, we collaborate to put into words the strategic and creative details of your life's work. Every piece of content is grounded in authentic self-expression and fully aligned with your high-level vision and brand. With dozens of books and ample business copy brought to life thus far, clients have included countless entrepreneurs, CEOs, professional speakers, unique global visionaries, leading spiritual teachers and celebrities contributing powerful messages for the betterment of humanity.


As a mirror and intuitive reflector of your personal truths, I have the capacity to capture the tone and essence of your unique voice, helping you bring it fully to life. Our written words are intended to be an authentic extension of who we are, expressed in a way that echoes within the hearts and minds of our audience. Whether you're writing your first book, third website or hundredth article, the methodology and supportive intention behind this work will take you on a journey of self-discovery...where SEO also stands for "Self-Expression Optimization."

A vast and profound composite of personal experience has resulted in my being a humanitarian communicator, dedicated to offering wisdom, compassion and innovation in our co-creative work. With a keen interest in supporting those looking to transform the way we live and do business, I specialize in melding creativity with strategy, the social sciences with the pragmatic. The ultimate objective of our work is full expression of your truths and insight, in a way that responds to your audience's needs and challenges.

If you're looking for a Ghostwriter, Copywriter or Creative Consultant to help you...

- Shape your voice (copy) for a new business,

- Further develop or creatively structure your content,

- Rebrand a message platform,

- Launch a unique campaign,

- Write an impactful book, or

- Detail your ultimate contribution for humanity,

Join me to co-create clear, captivating messaging that is true to who you are.


We begin our collaboration with a free 30 to 60-minute discovery call to discuss your vision, key messages and audience. This conversation is proceeded by the delivery of a customized proposal and strategic work plan. Project time frames range from a few days (web copy) to a few months (books).


"As a ghostwriter, Joscelyn has the uncanny knack of probing layers of a chapter’s theme using an ongoing series of discovery interviews. Her interview questions are insightful and evocative, and her writing is refreshing and edible. The powerful combination of both has brought my story to life, just as I had always envisioned it, and more." - Peter Davison, President, Innerwealth Seminars

“Joscelyn Duffy has been instrumental in the development of my book from the start. She took 1,000 pages of my journals, arranged them into chapters, culled the appropriate material and helped put it into a narrative. Without her patience, understanding and guidance, this book would not be. I am extremely grateful for her compassionate nature and talent.” - American Actress, wife, mother

“You have done an amazing job. You are incredibly good at what you do. Incredible how you can ‘see’ people and articulate their gifts and struggles in such a humanistic and accessible way. #powerful” – Sarah McVanel, Founder, Greatness Magnified