Conscious content is fueled by purpose. It is powerful and personal. It is useful, important, relevant and worthwhile. It is noteworthy and healing, because it comes from the depths of who you are. It is created by connecting to, appreciating and communicating the most meaningful aspects of yourself and your experiences... and matching those to the needs of your audience.

Having ghostwritten 14 books, detailed hundreds of inspiring life stories, and worked in content creation for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies for 20 years, I’ve encapsulated the most powerful principles, practices and processes from my experience into this discovery. As we shape your unique voice and empowered message, this program will not only change your life, it will change the way you see your life.


"...She is not a ghost writer – she is a voice finder. After working with her, I have tapped into my authentic voice in a way that I have never experienced. As a result, we are co-creating amazing content…but I am also getting more clarity on what I uniquely have to say and offer to my clients and how to live out my true purpose in a more authentic way." - Betsy Jordyn, President, Accelera Consulting Group

While understanding the demands of our market or society is critical, too often, we put our own unique voice (what we know we are intended to share/teach in this lifetime) secondary to what we believe we need to say or do. We stay in the background, we follow. And worse, we comprise the longings of our heart and soul...until the day when we realize we have a uniquely impactful voice that needs to be heard.

Our work in this discovery program will help you gain clarity of your unique messaging, while striking a balance between honoring its contribution and meeting the needs of those you serve. Learn how to remain true to yourself while being in service to others. This is a journey of leading with authenticity, breaking the mold, proactively providing resolution for your audience, forging true long-term rapport, and pushing through the status quo to become a catalyst for positive change.

“Joscelyn has gift of hearing the inner voice of another, and the ability to stay in the enquiry until they find the courage to be fully show up in their transformational stories to share with the world. Her depth of clarity, authenticity and compassionate heart is what leads her co-creation with others and expands what is possible into tangible reality. From there the world has shifted and another's light shines brighter.” - Nancy Hanlon, Midwife to the Emerging Soul, Shaper of Conscious Communities

Two of the most powerful connecting words are "I understand." When it comes to working through adversity, being introspective, realizing growth and expressing our unique message to help empower others, I understand, because I've done so firsthand. Honoring my life's path and purpose, I've dedicated years to showcasing the transformational stories, clarifying the unique voices and sharing the powerful messages of others. Now, it's your turn!

This experience will allow you to:

- Gain greater self-awareness and become more self-empowered.

- Get clear on your unique value proposition.

- Shape a vocabulary that aligns with who you uniquely are.

- Create impactful content for use in any medium.

- Develop deeper, more authentic interpersonal connections.

- Organically build rapport, earn respect and attract business.

- Foster fulfillment through meaningful contributions.


"Life is a school from which we learn and Joscelyn is a student of life. Her hard-earned wisdom can help us all to find healing and be nourished by life's difficulties. Let her be your guide to climbing life's mountains." - Bernie Siegel, M.D., Internationally Recognized Health Expert and Author