Intuitive Ghostwriter | Creative Consulting

For many, expressing our captivating story or insightful message hinges upon the discovery of resources to ease the process. As a humanitarian communicator, I offer my passion for writing in service to those looking to contribute their stories and unique messages to the betterment of humanity. As a Creative Consultant and Ghostwriter, I provide clarity, creativity, strategies and organization to assist you through the writing experience, in every facet from laying a book’s/message's framework to ghostwriting via in-depth interviews.

What I offer is a blend of business practicality, marketing savviness, a compassionate consumer-focus and intuitively-inspired creativity. With 14 books, 29 shorts stories and ample web copy brought to life thus far, my clients have included numerous professional speakers, unique global visionaries, leading spiritual and self-empowerment authors, and celebrities with powerful messages to share.


"Guided by her intuition, Joscelyn has a beautiful way of tuning into the heart’s desires of those she writes for, and transforming those often unspoken sentiments into words. For many, a book is a crucial element to fulfilling soul purpose and sharing soul lessons, and Joscelyn honors this process. I willingly refer my clients and close friends to her, knowing she can assist in writing their stories just as they envision.” -  Sonia Choquette, World-Renowned Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher (Hay House)

As a mirror and intuitive reflector of your deepest internal messages, I have the capacity to capture the tone and essence of your authentic voice. The methodology and supportive intention behind my work will take you on a journey of self-discovery, whether you're writing your first book, third website or hundredth article. The most meaningful messaging merges the truths of the heart and soul with the technical know-how of creating relatable content.

My personal experience has been vast and profound, leading to a ghostwriting offering fused with compassion, understanding and wisdom. With an ability to bring awareness to the beauty and meaning in all aspects of life, my niche includes collaborations in the realms of psychology and spirituality (personal/global healing, consciousness and self-transcendence), with a specialization in autobiographies and memoirs.

"I highly recommend Joscelyn to anyone who is serious about creating and writing content they want to be proud of. She will be your ghostwriter, writing coach, creative collaborator or whichever support you need for your next writing project." - Linda Edgecombe, Award-winning Celebrity Humorist Speaker, Author, and member of the Top 60 Motivational Speakers In The World

Transformational content has three facets: identity, creativity and strategy. Our written words are intended to be an authentic extension of our essence and unique composite of experience, expressed in a way that echos within the hearts and minds of your ideal audience. Together, we will shape your story and messaging to be clear, captivating, logical and creative.

Customized, individually-priced packages available:

- Ghostwriting / Book Collaboration (co-authoring)

- Creative Consulting (proposing and editing content)

- Content Creation (for websites or other messaging platforms)


"As a ghostwriter, Joscelyn has the uncanny knack of probing layers of a chapter’s theme using an ongoing series of discovery interviews. Her interview questions are insightful and evocative, and her writing is refreshing and edible. The powerful combination of both has brought my story to life, just as I had always envisioned it, and more." - Peter Davison, President, Innerwealth Seminars

“Joscelyn Duffy has been instrumental in the development of my book from the start. She took 1,000 pages of my journals, arranged them into chapters, culled the appropriate material and helped put it into a narrative. Without her patience, understanding and guidance, this book would not be. I am extremely grateful for her compassionate nature and talent.” - American Actress, wife, mother