The Co-Creat!ve

We all have the capacity to contribute valuable insight, embrace perspectives, and unite our unique voices as a collective serving the betterment of humanity.

Your voice has value, and The Co-Creat!ve is about helping you bring it to life through meaningful communication.

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The Content Breakthough

Are you struggling with content development? Even as adept writers, it can be overwhelming to piece together the many facets of our messages. This program allows you to uniquely title, masterfully compile and strategically structure your life’s work with greater ease, in conjunction with the support of an experienced guide.


Find Your Voice

What unique message are you here to share in this lifetime? Connect with, appreciate and communicate the most meaningful aspects of yourself and your experiences, matching them to the needs of your audience. Discover your authentic voice, develop rapport and make more fulfilling contributions.


Ghostwriting | Copywriting | Creative Consulting

Stretching beyond the typical definition of ghostwriting or copywriting, our collaboration honors your journey from self-exploration to self-expression, as we co-create your content for any platform. Gain access to creativity, strategy and organization to assist you through all facets of your writing experience.


Conscious Content. Authentic Marketing.

Touted as a “Voice Finder,” I’ve been blessed to co-create powerful communication for internationally-acclaimed speakers, best-selling authors, thought-leaders, CEOs, presidents, federal politicians, respected entrepreneurs and celebrities over the course of 20 years. Gifted with the ability to intuitively tune into others, and driven by a belief in our capacity to transform our unique life experiences into valuable insights, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals across 4 countries creatively and strategically structure their life’s work into words.

What is the unique tone, intention and message of your voice? The whole of humanity needs your contribution, and I'd love to be your guide in bringing it fully to life. Whether you want to shape your voice for a new business, be supported in content development, rebrand a message platform, launch a unique campaign, write an impactful book, or leave your legacy, I am here for you. It is my vision to support a Co-Creat!ve society and reshape the way we communicate, in life and in business; bringing more depth, meaning, value and authenticity to the messages we share.


“Joscelyn has the gift of hearing the inner voice of another, and the ability to stay in the enquiry until they find the courage to fully show up in their transformational stories to share with the world. Her depth of clarity, authenticity and compassionate heart is what leads her co-creation with others and expands what is possible into tangible reality. From there the world has shifted and another's light shines brighter.” - Nancy Hanlon, Midwife to the Emerging Soul, Shaper of Conscious Communities

"Guided by her intuition, Joscelyn has a beautiful way of tuning into the heart’s desires of those she writes for, and transforming often unspoken sentiments into words. For many, a book is a crucial element to fulfilling soul purpose and sharing soul lessons, and Joscelyn honors this process. I willingly refer my clients and close friends to her, knowing she can assist in writing their stories just as they envision." - Sonia Choquette, World-Renowned Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher

"Life is a school from which we learn and Joscelyn is a student of life. Her hard earned wisdom can help us all to find healing and be nourished by life's difficulties. ... Let her be your guide to climbing life's mountains." - Bernie Siegel, M.D., Internationally Recognized Health Expert and Author