Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

"Imagine a speaker whose presence leaves you feeling calmed, yet fully motivated to transform the way you see your life. That is precisely what happens when Joscelyn Duffy steps on stage. From within her gentle demeanor emerges the profound wisdom of what it is to joyfully and peacefully live in any circumstances, no matter how challenging. Boundlessly perceptive and strategically creative, she authentically delivers principles and stories that will awaken awareness of our strength, resilience and potential. She makes us realize how much of a gift our lives have been, and how much we have to share with others."


"Joscelyn is one of those rare people who always raises the vibration in any room she graces, making her a beautiful choice as a finalist to open for Marianne Williamson. It was a joy to watch her gently captivate the audience and welcome everyone to join her on an insightful journey with principles and wisdom that ultimately lead to love, empowerment and hope." - Joshua Dawson, I Am Genie Foundation

Make Your Story Transformational - LIVE IT

It's no secret that life isn't always easy. Our years are a whirlwind mixture of adventure and adversity, opening up an opportunity to understand with compassion, overcome with courage and transcend with confidence. Everything we’ve experienced can have purpose. Everything. Though difficult to digest and process, our most trying times can become our greatest teachers. Through the contemplation of our lives to date, we have the power to take the most formative times and shift them into something truly transformative, both for ourselves and for others. This metamorphosis has three sequential facets: inspiration, motivation and transformation. When we draw in and build self-awareness, we inspire; when we discover meaning and courage, we motivate; and when we realize and apply our potential, we transform. The Gateway to Personal Transformation is about embracing and learning from our experiences as a foundation for personal growth and contribution to humanity. By understanding how much of a gift our lives have been, and how even our greatest struggles can have meaning, we are free to move forward in peace, love and service.


 - INHERENT INSPIRATION: Seeing ourselves as valuable contributors to the development of humanity

 - INTRINSIC MOTIVATION: Empowering ourselves with the courage to uncover meaning within our experiences

 - THE GATEWAY: Using adversity as a powerful catalyst for personal transformation


Make Your Story Transformational - TELL IT

Personal storytelling is a powerful, though often misused, tool for how we position ourselves in business and in life. Our story is not about what has happened to us, but rather what we’ve made happen, and who we’ve become because of that which has come our way. Make Your Story Transformational - Tell It is about embracing and learning from our unique experiences to contribute a powerful personal message for the betterment of humanity. Through the introspection required to impart our story, we have the ability to take the most formative times in our lives and shift them into something truly transformative. The end result is unprecedented healing, both for ourselves and for those with whom we share. Join in this journey through three sequential powers – inspiration, motivation and transformation – that enable us to effectively use storytelling as an empowered means to increase compassion, develop more meaningful relationships and deepen our societal contributions.

Join me to:

- Understand why compassion, courage and confidence are integral

    to personal storytelling.

- Realize your value as a source of inspiration.

- Transform the way you tell your story.

- Create deepened, long-term personal and business partnerships.

- Discover the positive circular effect of empowered storytelling.


"Joscelyn's speech blew me away! Her powerful, grounded delivery style uplifted her well crafted message that really hit home with a heartfelt call to action. She left me deeply inspired and enlightened to rethink the limits of what I thought possible in my own life!"

"Joscelyn Duffy joined me on the radio show Emotional Wisdom Training sharing her life's adventure, healing and her personal journey. The comfort, confidence, commitment and courage she showed during this live radio conversation was inspiring and encouraging. The best thing about this conversation is that it was fun and high energy." - Kate Michels, Emotional Wisdom Training Radio